Creative Toddler Lesson Plans

Creative Toddler Lesson Plans

A toddler learns through play. And it's very important to make right toddler lesson plans. There is a great amount of activities for kids to enhance their skill's development.

Beads. Buy a package of bright big beautiful beads and a firm lace. Let your toddler thread the beads to make a bead-bracelet for his mom (if the toddler is a boy) or for herself (if it’s a girl).

Macaroni. Take shaped macaroni (car-shaped, flower-shaped etc.), give your toddler several bowls and ask him/her to divide macaroni according to their shape.

You can also try to create some pictures with your toddler using macaroni and other available materials (glue, plasticine, paper, paint etc.). It's creative lesson for him!


  • Fill up some small toys (e.g. from Kinder Surprise) in a bowl full with grain and let your toddler search for them;
  • Put a thin layer of grain to cover the bottom of a dish (better to use a flat plate) and let your toddler draw using his/her tiny fingers. Do it first yourself to show what he/she should do.

Water. Provide toddler with a couple of dishtubs and water. Your kid will be captured pouring water from one item into another. You can also give him a spoon. For adults this game seems to be too easy and boring but children are excited to do their best not to spill the water.

Later you can give your toddler some brushes and allow him/her to paint with the water. Mix some colors to get new ones.

Decorate with appliques. From the age of 1,5 years your toddler can start decorating with appliques. Introducing your kid scissors, show him/her how “a big crocodile opening it’s jaws eats the paper”. Teach your toddler how to use the glue. Start with creating some easy pictures (e.g. make a snow man from 3 paper circles or a house from a square and a triangle). If you notice that this becomes easy for your toddler, complicate a task.

Drawing. Toddlers love to try everything out. That's why parents should give more attention to toddler lesson plans. Provide your kid with all the things he/she can use: colored pencils, chalk, different kinds of paint, fibre-tip pens, markers, brushes of different sizes, toothpaste, beetroot juice, paper, cardboard, fabric, marker board, magnetic board etc.

To make the process of drawing more interesting for your small artists:

  1. Try to paint with fingers;
  2. Try to paint with foam rubber (beforehand cut it into small pieces for the sake of convenience);
  3. Use the wax to make “magic paper” (do not use colorful candles);
  4. Propose your toddler to CONTINUE the picture (a lot of small kids do not like to draw a picture on their own, but they like to add some details to half-ready pics or finish them).

There are a lot of games to help your toddler learn colors, numbers, animals, kinds of food. Try to pick up the ones that your toddler will like most of all.

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