Tips to Stop Teenager Smoking

Tips to Stop Teenager Smoking

Teenagers smoking is a large problem nowadays! What is the main reason of smoking popularity in young society? Every teen wants be looking like adult and thinks that smoking is very cool. It's real reason for smoking beginers. It is very important for parents to stop teen smoking and keep child health.

If you have known that you child is smoking you shouldn't give him commands, threats and different ultimates. This things can exacerbate the situation more. You need simply talk with your child. Ask him what the reasons of his smoking start. May be your teenager is trying to look more older in school or thinks that smoking can help him with stress or pressure.

You must convince your teen that smoking is harmful for his health. Teen need understand it and want to quit smoking.

Tell him about a huge list of smoking negatives:

  • Smoking leads to bad breath
  • There is bad smell on clothes and hair after smoking
  • Smoking makes teeth and fingers yellow
  • It makes you look unhealthy and pale
  • Smoking takes your yong energy! Play sport games, don't smoking!
  • Smoking causes early wrinkles.
  • Smoking leaves you with bad cough

Also cigarettes is not so cheap especially for teen. Ask your child to calculate his money cost on smoking per week. Compare the cost of smoking with prices on different computer gadgets, clothes etc.

As a good parent you must bring to bear influence on teenager. If you smoke, you shouldn't expect your child to stop smoking. Teen may interpret your smoking as an endorsement for the behavior.

Most of teens become become addicted to smoking for few weeks. And everyone think that he can stop anytime. But it is a big fallacy..

You can make with your child stop-smoking plan. Put your plan on paper, set a quit date. You should avoid setting the stop-date on stressful period, like exams in school. Ask your teen about friends: would they agree with your stop-smoking plan and try to quit smoking too? Practice with your teen to say no on offer to smoke.

Although there are a lot of nicotine replacement products — such as nicotine gums, patches, inhalers or nasal sprays — weren't produce for teens, they may be helpful in some cases. It's strongly recommended to consult with teen's doctor before using this products.

Above all, you need to celebrate your teen's success days (days without smoking). You might offer a favorite meal for a no-smoking day, a new clothes or a party with best friends for a smoke-free month. This small rewards and a lot of positive reinforcement will help your child maintain the motivation to stop smoking.

Once you confirm that your teenage child is already getting hooked on any kind of drug, you might want to consider taking him or her to a substance abuse treatment facility the soonest possible time.

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