Include Spanking in Child Discipline or Not?

Child Spanking

In process of a child growing parents solve the problem: spank their child or not. There's no single answer for this question because each parent has their own opinion about child care and parenting.

Nevertheless most of children's psychologists and pediatrists oppose spanking because consider that it can lead to lifelong emotional injury. And in especially hard cases spanking also can result to physical injury.

Spank proponents are in most of all religious conservative people, that reference punishment as being the best way to
their chlidren. They agree with expression "Spare the rod and spoil the child" and consider that spanking creates a better sense of discipline and makes children more obedient. They strongly argue against opponents claims that child spanking can make them to become violent adults.

Who are these people that can spank child today? It's impossible to know exactly how many percentage of parents or caregivers actually use spank as a form of child discipline. But essentially, people who can spank, at least occasionally, are:

  • Older caregivers who were spanked in childhood and believe that they turned out to be absolutely fine.
  • Harried parents that they only correct their children this way only when it involves an inherent danger to a child (themselves or to others)
  • Caregivers (parents or any adults) may also spank a child when, after being disciplined using another method, deliberately repeat the same behavior, as if to antagonize the parent

But spicialists find a lot of arguments that child spanking is no good:

  • Spank teaches your child that violence can be the way of anger expression
  • It's also harmful for you as an emotional aspect. Do you know parents that felt wonderful after a child hitting? Spanking often leads to remorse, guilt, and doubts about the ability to correct raise your child.
  • It's shows a child she is powerless. A powerless person will act out, leading to more problems.
  • Spanking breaks child trust and sense in security.

Every parent has own education history in childhood and therefore they must choose parenting methods for their children.

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